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  • 2 lakhs
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  • Thane - Maharstra
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  • Opening ₹200
Annual Maintenance Charge
  • ₹300
Equity Delivery Brokerage
  • Rs. 10 Per order
Equity & Future Intraday Brokerage
  • Rs. 10 Per order
Allow Mutual Fund Investment ?
  • Yes
NRI Investing and trading
  • Yes
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  • 98/100
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  • 98/100
Reviews started there journey in the year of March 2016 bye starting operations, by November 2017 They became member of NSE and BSE. with lot of passion towards system they launched Mobile Trading app which crossed 1 million downloads in by April 2018.

Powerful trading platforms. Always innovating for you

Make the most of your investments with our simple and technologically advanced online investing and trading platforms.


Mobile Trading App

  • Trade from anywhere at the touch of your fingertips.

  • Stay on top of your investments wherever you are with 5paisa’s mobile trading app.

  • Highly rated Mobile App for trading, 2 million happy users.

  • Open account, securely access and manage your investments.

  • Single app for Stocks, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Personal Loans, Research and Advisory.

Trade Station Web

Advanced browser based platform to help you trade better


Discover the advanced trading features on 5paisa Trade Station:

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Consolidated View

Sleek visualisation of your portfolio, positions and holdings across equity and mutual fund

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Seamless navigation with user friendly interface for all-round intuitive trading experience

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Easily analyze stocks with detailed scrip information including charts, market depth and option chain

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Market Analytics

Stay updated with the latest market trends and make informed decisions

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Trade on your choice of browser – Chrome, Firefox or Safari

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Algo Trading

Automated trading tool based on pre-defined parameters.

5paisa - Algo Trading

Algo Trading is a form of Automated trading that uses computer programs to analyse market data based on pre-defined parameters. It places trades on the terminal and submits to exchange thereby reducing manual invention.

Who is it for?

  • Experienced and professional traders who fully understand the risk and rewards involved in use of Algo trading.

  • People who already have buy and sell strategies and want to automate them.

  • Technical analysts wanting to automate their trading.

  • Jobbers wanting auto execution.

  • Wealth managers wanting to trade on behalf of clients

Algo Features at 5paisa

  • Cutting edge technology platform and infrastructure

  • Interface with charting tools like AmiBroker etc.

  • APIs for .NET, Java, C++ Python.

  • Strategy coding assistance

  • Development of customised strategies

  • Plug-and-play popular strategies (pre-loaded and pre-approved)

  • Stock Exchange approval assistance

  • Live Paper Trading platform provided for testing strategy.

Benefits of Algo trading:

  • Reduces the need for manual intervention.

  • Automates decisions and execution, reducing time to act and avoiding human emotions from coming into play while trading.

  • Helps scale up strategies to a wider range of stocks, than manually feasible .

Different ways of performing Algo trade

Programmed Algos:

In this case a strategy that is used by you for trading manually can be coded in any computer language that sends the same triggers to the Order placing application that you would otherwise place manually.

Charting/Macros based triggers:

If you are using a charting software like AmiBroker, or if you have created any triggers in MS Excel with the use of Macros etc. These triggers can be sent to the application using plugins, and the application places the trades.


  • Idea Conception

  • Discuss your ideas and trading strategy

  • Determine complexity of strategy and coding & API Integration

  • Fill the required form & undertaking and make payment

  • Strategy Coding
    - Get you strategy coded by our experts
    - Get API documents to code your strategy yourself

  • Paper Trading - Test your Strategy in our Live-like simulated trading environment

  • Exchange Approval - Get your strategy approved by the exchange with our assistance

Our Pre Approved Algos

We have introduced certain popular pre-loaded Algos that are you are advised to use.

Here are few of our pre-loaded Algos

Amibroker linked execution strategy:

AmiBroker linked execution algo for traders using technical indicators; wherein buy/sell signals are plotted on the chart based on technical indicators. These triggers are then passed for execution. Execution strategy through which you can intelligently execute entry and also define exit beforehand by placing target orders, stop loss orders, trail stop loss etc.

Jobbing Strategy:

This strategy is for jobbers who trade based on the breakout of high & low; allows user to trade in a huge basket of symbols which is manually impossible. Strategy will intelligently select quantity for each symbol, place stop loss order and calculate profit targets for exit

Pivot strategy:

Execution strategy developed for traders who use pivot calculations to trade. It usually consists of support levels & resistance levels. The strategy will receive input file in csv, which will contain pivot values giving entry and exit triggers for trading during the day

Buy/Sell Call Execution strategy:

Execution strategy for traders who subscribe to signal providers for buy/sell decisions. Through this strategy you will simply provide the trigger levels in a csv or txt file & the strategy will accordingly execute the signals automatically.

Bracket Orders:

This intraday strategy helps you to simultaneously define profit targets & stop loss levels; you can define these levels in both absolute & percentage terms. This strategy helps you to intelligently execute entry & exit points.

Bulk Buying/Selling strategy:

Designed for manual traders to achieve better average price from a defined price range rather than the limit price as defined by you; this strategy tracks market quotes and changes the bid/ask price and places orders in slices as defined by you.

Pair/Spread Trading strategy:

An intraday trading strategy which helps you to monitor spread of 2 correlated securities. Trader can take entry & exit based on spread difference in both absolute & ratio terms with a view that spread between the two would eventually converge.

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