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Full Service Brokers

Investing in stocks can be highly challenging and engaging for some and that's when you need a broker. The broker not only qualifies as your adviser but also helps you get the best demat account in India. When looking for a stock broker to handle or guide you with suggestions on stocks, you may come across basically two categories. These are the full service brokers and the discount brokers.

The full service brokers, as the name suggests, provide you with a wide array of services which are involved in trading in stocks. The amount of research they put in to studying the stocks and then advising it to their clients is the most sought after service that they provide. Besides this, they also give tips on how to save on tax and help in planning the retirement. The full service brokers play a major role in creating one of the best demat accounts in India, specially for people who cannot constantly keep a tab on the daily proceedings of the stock market.


The fees charged by them is way higher than the one charged by the discount brokers. The full service brokers will charge you a percentage of the total value of the trade and in the process, they will guide you through the nuances of trading. The full service broker will also look into the It is highly advisable to have a broker employed or hired in case you are a first timer at trading. However, it is not restricted to this criteria alone. In order to have the best demat account, you will have to aim for a maximized return on your investment in stocks and the full service broker will help you get just that.

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